Sqirl Away (Beta)

Sqirl’s market next door is now available 8AM-8PM.

You can order for Delivery or Pick-up. If you have questions please give us a call.
    Phone: 323-284-8147

 ︎   Delivery via Postmates
︎   Pick-up via Sqirl
︎Currently Available in the Market︎

Sweet Side

Deconstructed Ricotta Toast   35
Rice Pudding   8
Chocolate Pudding  8

Deli Meats & Cheeses

Casella’s Prosciutto   14
Casella’s Mortadella   12
House Ham   10
Comte   14
Feta  11

Market Condiments

Follet Grain Mustard  8
Cashew Vegan Piminto Cheese  12
Vegan Chive Cream Cheese
   (Smoked Marcona Almonds and chives)  11
Sqirl's Lactofermented Hot Sauce  8
B&B Thinly Sliced Pickles  8
Sqirl's Preserved Meyer lemon  12
Sauekraut  14

Cardamom Ghee   19
Herby Butter   10
Buerre de Baratte   16


Straus Barista Milk   6.5
Oatly   6.5


Bub's Bread   5
Clark Street Baguettes   5

Tea & Coffee

Kettl Sencha Tea   12
Kettl Hojicha Tea   12
Ketll Buckwheat (Sobacha)   12

Dry Goods

Organic AP Flour 2.5 #   7
Organic Fair Trade Wholesome Sweetener Sugar 2.5#     Organic Bobs Rolled Oats 2.5#
Sol Italian Fine Sea Salt 8 oz   7
Pleasant Grove Farms Organic Popcorn 1#  5.75
California Organic Unpasturized Almonds
    from Heron Fox Farm   12


Chicken Porridge   14

To enjoy in the comfort of your home. Please refrain from walk-in orders and keep in mind the safety of our staff upon arrival.